Unlocking the potential of digital building logbooks

Demo-BLog is a 4-year project funded by Horizon 2020 focused on unlocking the potential of digital building logbooks to achieve climate neutrality in Europe’s building stock.

What is Demo-BLog?

Demo-BLog aims to further develop five existing Digital Building Logbooks (DBLs) in Europe, helping them catalyze decarbonisation and circular economy efforts. Through these DBLs, we aim to demonstrate multi-cycle approaches and advance the marketplace for the reuse of construction materials. We are also focused on improving DBLs in terms of data generation, management, and governance, enhancing user experience, and market deployment.

DBLs in Action

Exploring real-world examples and applications

The circular economy offers a promising pathway to reducing the environmental impact of construction materials. The project recognizes the important role that digital building logbooks can play in facilitating the reuse of construction materials.

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